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Paradigm Training

Real Estate


In this 4 Hour bootcamp, you'll be immersed in Interactive Business Learning!

You Get:
4 x 60 Min Coaching
$1000 Value

Email Marketing Campaign, Scripts,
Templates for Social Media Marketing,
Agenda HomeBuyer Bible, Client Info Sheet
$750 Value 

Total Bootcamp Value $1750

Class Schedule Coming Soon




Homebuyer Seminar


Module 1: 

- Benefits of a Seminar
- Better client education means smoother deals
- Maximizes your time because you can say the same thing to a group

- Built in referral system & bigger pipeline

- Set Home Buyer Seminar Date


 Focus Point - Your Brand &  Target Client

Module 2:

- Determine who's On Your Team

- Create a Communication Strategy for Your Pipeline

- Drip Campaign/Email & Social Media Templates Provided


Focus Point - Marketing - Event Planning & Email Campaign

Module 3:

- Build your Seminar Agenda

- Write Out the Home Buying Process In Your State

- Client Info Sheet & Home Buyer's Bible Templates Provided

Focus Point - Seminar Messaging, Script, & Role Play

Module 4:

 - Role Play Your Home Buyer Seminar 

- Finalize Your Home Buyer Template and Share

Focus Point - Preparing Your for Your Home Buyer's Seminar.

Bootcamp 1
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